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AgroBar Ultra 720

Ideal for Bloom & Full-Cycle Cultivation

Designed for close proximity cultivation, the AgroBar Ultra 720 is truly an evolution in horticulture lighting. Ultrawide light bars allow for even distribution of light, while significantly improving heat dissipation. 


AgroBar Ultra 320

Ideal for Vegetative Growth

Equipped with our proven Veg-specific spectrum, promoting vegetative growth while reducing internodal spacing. This makes for more uniform colas. Its modular design allows utilization in 2x4 or 4x4 settings.

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AgroBarUltra320-PPE copy_5
AgroBarUltra320-PPF copy_5

Model H

Ideal for Greenhouses

With its slim, shadow-free design and innovative copper tube cooling, heat is passively dispersed and directed away from the canopy area. The entire unit is protected from dust and water with an IP65 rating. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

We pride ourselves on being the most customer-centric, grow light company, in the world.

“Service After Sale!”

It's straightforward to work with Agro Lighting. They answer the phone with a positive attitude, get you the information you need, and are very transparent.


Mark Garmo
Primo Farms, MI

“Getting the Fullest”

Upon learning we were building from the ground up, they asked if they could review our electric and water plans. Wow, we were surprised when they wanted to ensure we were getting the fullest from them AND the other companies. They took our floor plans and made what we thought would work to "this will work better."


Quantum Creations, OK