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If you caught our previous ebook, 4 Types of Cannabis Lights: Pros & Cons, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we believe full spectrum LED grow lights are the best option available on the market today. While it may seem like the most optimal solution for cannabis cultivators, this was not the case just a few years ago. With extensive research and development from universities, experienced cultivators, and industry experts, LED lighting has become a real solution for commercial cultivation operations.

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Finding the perfect fit
to keep your facility lit.

Over the years, we’ve visited numerous commercial facilities and have seen almost every variation of lighting configurations possible and provided some of the industry’s top tips for growing cannabis with LEDs. At Agro Lighting, we focus on designing each model specifically tailored to its application. We believe that to ensure success, you must look at your environment holistically. Choosing the right light is just one part of that process.


A deeper understanding of
the interaction between light & plants.

Agro's holistic understanding of cultivation allows us to design lighting solutions that are not only efficient but also promote optimal growth while maximizing yields and quality.